G&E Pricing

Our Price Menu for all your hairdressing needs is built to be competitive. All our team are extensively educated and have specialised areas of hairdressing that will make them right for you. With all that said we know it's hard to pick what you should have done to your hair, estimate how much it will be and pick which team member. Like the old fashioned saying is;
"How long is a piece of string?"
Everyones hair is different to the next. Everyones appointments with us are tailored to meet your demands. We have a consultation zone where all those answers can be met!. Our price menu is a guide of what we do. But that's what makes G&E so unique!.
All our guests are treated individually and the service is designed to meet your needs and requests. Our extensive consultations are designed to ensure your thoroughly clear on what it is you want, how much it will be and have the confidence we are right to deliver it for you. We'd love to meet you for a G&E Consultation!

Training Models

We need you! Our future stars are always in need for training models to improve their skills on as well as get their assessments passed. All Colour and Cut services with a trainee are HALF THE PRICE of our Stylist level. Our Educator will oversee and lead the apprentice so your in safe hands throughout. 

If interested please email the salon...


or message us on one of our social media platforms and we will get back to you for a consultation to discuss suitability for what our apprentices/trainees need. 

01604 250450

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