G&E Store, Now Online!

Hi Guys!,

We miss having you in G&E McIntyres. If those pesky roots & split ends are beginning to annoy you, stay strong! Put the scissors down and throw the box dye away because we have everything you need to keep your hair safe while keeping yourself safe.

We are delighted to let you know that our online store is now open. We have a fantastic range of professional hair products that are now available to order online. Not only that our online Gift Vouchers can be bought on our website too.

You can browse our range of products here:

http://phore.st/9SCLf G&E McIntyres Online Store.

Choose what you need to maintain your look until you are ready for us to do it for you. If you would like some tips & tricks or you have any concerns about your hair, please reach out to us. We would be happy to help you choose the best product for your hair.

Not only that, we are still here to support you like we did in lockdown 1. We are regularly updating our social media with information as soon as we get it. Make sure you are keeping yourself familiarised with our beautiful faces, we know you're missing us deep down!!!!

Online bookings will remain open through our website and app. You can email us to join our waiting list if the day and time you require is not available as it gets booked up pending our return and towards Christmas.

Please also be advised our guidelines and policies will remain in place on our return, Especially so with the demand we will face. We will continue to do everything to our strictest safety rules so we continue our industry proud stats released this week in Hair Salons are showing no signs they spreading COVID-19. More to the fact, closing hair salons like they have this week, will contribute to a downturn of the R rate by just 0.5%. As an industry we are exercising one of the safest environments possible and you getting to see your favourite stylists doing great for all our positivity!

We cannot wait to see you and your hair soon when we are allowed to do so!

G&E McIntyres

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