Our 5 Heroes!

Hearing all about hair products can be confusing, a lot of options, a lot of conflicting messages, hell even a lot of questions, what's right for my hair?, what am i getting for my money?

We hear you!. Our mentality at G&E is not one of pressure, we simply advise to ensure we can do all we need to do to your hair and what you want us to do!. Picking the right time when to add protein, when to add moisture is always the trickiest. We believe in alternating the products you need based on circumstances. The weather, the style, the demands your hair is giving you day to day. For example when the atmosphere around your hair is dry, like in the summer, do you get hydration based haircare, do you get protein based hair care and hydration based styling products? am I sat in air conditioned rooms for most of the day?, yes even that affects the manageability of your hair and what you need to style your hair!.

All our consultations take these factors into consideration resulting in us designing a

haircare system with a number of products advised for you to manage your hair.

The absolute must is a hair oil. this has seen our industry evolve massively in past decade with emergence of how oil is absorbed in by our hair. We are now seeing oil introduced to colours, treatments etc all due to the values of how the hair absorbs oil nutrients into the cortex (hairs deepest centre).

Taoh hair oil is the winner. In every sense! Uk best oil for 2019/2020, it leaves our salon in near enough every guests hands. with a secret fragrance hidden with the oil, it smells incredible, Argan, Macademia and Kukui oils restores the life and shine of your hair; promoting scalp health to restore har growth and vitality. This ultimate oil prevents split ends and calms the frizz, tangles and brings life to the dullest of hair colours.

Toning shampoos are a flyer in the G&E space in Northampton. We have a huge percentage of colour work passing through our doors day to day, with the emergence of silver hair and congeal love of clean, platinum blondes we don't see the silver shampoo fan base depleting anytime soon. We recommend adding this shampoo in to your daily shampoo for a soft and controlled delivery of this anti brass miracle, or a twice a week hair wash with it to create the same results. Red hair or rich brunette? don't worry your not going to miss out as the toning shampoo will illuminate the vibrancy of your hair tones as well! Amazing!

Tigi Toning Shampoo uses an infused violet pigment to keep away the warmth with the help of sulphate free cleansers. Using the expert blend of keratin and coconut oil your blonde hair will be left moisturised and soft. Win, Win!!

We see and love looking after curly hair! In all it's uniqueness, curly hair has it's own mindset, discipline and behaviours. Condition is always one that the beholder concerns themselves with. Frizziness and brittleness are often deceiving textures when it comes to condition, styling products for controlling unwanted results like the aforementioned are always an excellent controlling tool to smoothen and soften these results.

We find curly hair guests often minimise the amount of conditioner they use, but SachaJuan has answered many dreams with this outstanding product. Curl Treatment. With it's ocean silk complex designed to combat frizz and repair split ends, curl treatment smooths the curl cuticle to enhance manageability and shine. Creating soft bouncy curls and a sturdy foundation for styling, this miracle get applied to washed hair, leave in for 5-10 mins then rinse well. Result; soft bouncy, repaired and bouncy curls!

Alter Ego, our colour house is certainly one to watch in the UK. Providing our team with all the necessary tools to deliver natural, vivid or creative colour at our guests desire, they also provide you with the tools to maintain your incredible look, affordably, and conveniently at home. Introducing Passionmask for those that don't know it or have seen it yet!. Using after shampoo, passion mask is applied on to towel dried hair, distribute evenly and leave on the hair for 3-15 minutes. This is a treatment based semi-permanent colour refresher that performs depending on the colour intensity you wish for and shine. Rinse thoroughly after desired results. Passion mask comes in a variety of colours, violet, red as well as silver and natural tones and brunette / chocolate colours. Whilst refreshing your colour with this master product you are also replenishing condition of the hair and depositing vital proteins for strong, manageable hair.

Finishing is vital when it comes to maintaining your style. It's what we call the shield on your hair. The hold, the shine, the end resulting texture. Hairsprays are for acquired tastes, too sticky, not string enough hold, all feedback we have received in our careers, hence why the emergence of volume finishing sprays has changed the game!

Tigi Copyright offer such a miracle! A perfectly natural and polished looking hold created by an instant dry formula as soon as it exits the packaging and hits your hair, giving you, the recipient, a long - lasting touchable hold. It smells insane and leaves the hair feeling just as it should.... like hair! Great for the blow out curled finishes and to volumes lifeless hair without the residue!

There you have it, our 5 heroes for January. Each one unique compared to the other that provide fantastic results and are easy to use. All our products are not tested on animals and majority of each range are vegan friendly. The high grade ingredients found in our ranges is what results in the award winning aspect of each individual product. Water soluble makes all our styling ranges easy to wash out ending the fear of product build up.

Enriching oils throughout the ranges really improves the hairs condition and end shine for glossy hair. We hope you've enjoyed getting to know some the products housed in G&E McIntyres Northampton.

Bye for now Team G&E!

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